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Stay tuned........ I've got to go outside and get some new photos!

We currently have two jack foals and a spotted weanling gelding for sale. Two of these foals are still nursing and have not yet been weaned. They are available by deposit only and will be ready for their new homes December 1-15. The older weanling has already been gelded and is now ready for his new home. Our jack foals are sold as geldings with both sets of their initial immunizations and hoof care done. The surgery and shots are done so, besides hoof care, they are all set for the first year at their new homes. We offer a discounted price for multiple purchases.

Jacks (Geldings) for Sale - $950

Windemeer's Hawthorne (Thorny)

Windemeer's Eucaplytus (Eukie)

Windemeer's Smoke Tree (Smokey)

Jennets for Sale - $850

No jennets are available at this time.

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